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    Digitalisation: A new efficiency level

    It is hard to believe but true: Even the most innovative production lines usually underachieve. What's the reason for this? Only in rare cases, it is due to technical handicaps, but more likely due to gaps in the flow of information. In nearly every line today, there are

    • gaps in the data acquisition because no data are collected at significant positions.
    • system gaps because machines, men and processes produce data without communicating sufficiently with each other.
    • analysis gaps because collected data are not used or interpreted in a wrong way.

    With digitalisation, these deficits can finally be eliminated. How? By means of the interaction between line technology, sensors, software and real-time communications. As soon as the individual modules are combined to a complete network, producing companies have a viable option on their hands 

    • to acquire valid data at every position relevant for production.
    • to combine information from different sources into a common context.
    • to reasonably analyse large data volumes.
    • to objectively evaluate processes and events.
    • to quickly and systematically reach the best decision in a situation.
    • to intervene preventively as soon as the system deviates from the course.

    An IT partner, who can understand you

    Sounds promising but how does your company get fit for the digital transformation? In the best of cases with a partner who does not only know the technological side but also the needs of your company. In short: with a partner like Krones.

    As a supplier of systems, we have been deeply familiar with the beverage and food industry. We know the processes, we know the current challenges and, above all, we know every module in the production lines. This knowledge is fully incorporated in your IT project. 

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    SitePilot Line Diagnostics

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    Syskron: Your independent system house

    We want to adapt our IT projects to your company – not the other way round. To keep this resolution, we started an independent company for this significant future topic of digitalisation: Syskron GmbH is a system house with neutral solutions and not bound to a special software platform. For you, this means: You choose whether to operate with SAP solutions, implemented by Triacos, or SitePilot solutions by Syskron – Syskron realises your projects in both system worlds.

    Would you like to get more detailed information about our subsidiary company? Syskron GmbH looks forward to your visit!

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